Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Youth Center

This is the floor plan for the Youth center we are hoping to build in Masai Mara. It seems we currently are missing a lot of the younger folks age 16-30 in our church. We have them from small children all the way up to about age 15-16 and then they go off to high school or seem to just lose interest. I have asked a few different local men over the past 6-8 months what we can do to draw that age group back in and where are they going and what are they doing? Most of the men said that those younger guys are hanging out in town playing pool and watching soccer on the T.V. The problem is that the pool tables are in the bars where there is all kinds of evil lurking. Alcohol, Prostitutes, Drugs etc... is in those places and the younger guys are falling into a lot of bad things that all started with just wanting to play pool or watch a game on T.V.
After hearing this and getting some ideas from those guys We came up with a youth center. It would be a place were these younger aged folks could come and play games and watch the soccer games on T.V as well as hear the Gospel and be in a clean environment. It would also serve as a Youth Sunday School room. It would give us the opportunity to reach people that otherwise we would never have contact with.
We are hoping to start breaking ground (Digging and getting the foundation ready) by May. If anyone is interested in partnering with us in this project that would be great. It is not like building a youth center in The States were it might be hundreds of thousands of dollars but the plan in the picture is around $15,000 that is games and all!!!. Please feel free to contact us at if you are interested in helping and please tell others about this current need.

Monday, July 25, 2011

First class with new believers.

We have been so blessed to see three young boys come to know Jesus Christ. Yesterday they shared their testimonies of saving faith. It brought tears to my eyes to hear them talk about their love for Jesus and desire to walk a life of faith in Him!

The boys sharing their testimony of coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Travis and the boys in their first class together. Very happy time as you can see on all their faces.

Please pray for the people here that God will continue to call them to Himself, and that if He so chooses we might be a help along the way.

Exciting Times!

Today Travis is pouring the second slab for our house! We are so happy to see this move forward. It will be an exciting day when we can move into our house and Travis can set up his shop! Please pray with us as we trust the Lord to provide the funds needed to finish our house and hopefully be in it by December! Second pour happening right now! Sarah always there to help out!
Travis, Barnard and Francis after a long day on the first pour!

First pour last week!

Monday, July 18, 2011

It sure seems like life can pass you by if you don't pay attention. Furlough as come and gone and here we are in the Masai Mara again. We are happy to be starting our second term on the mission field. When we left for the US last year we were so reluctant because people were starting to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, we didn't want to miss out on the discipleship. On our return to Kenya, we have been blessed to see the growth in these young believers. God continues to bless us, in allowing us to be a part of His amazing work of calling people to Himself. In the past week, 3 young boys of prayed to their creator God to be saved! Travis is excited to start disciplining these young men.
Over the past few months being back, Travis has started work on our house. As you may all know, we live in our shop. Travis is anxious to move us out of "his" shop and get us into our house, so that he can started working on helping other men with various things. He would love to teach men to weld, mechanic and such.
Travis stays very busy with work and ministry on a daily basis. Hard to keep up with him really! I'm sure he is thankful he is done digging out all those huge rocks for our house site.
I stay very busy in the home, with homeschooling Sarah(9) and Summer(7), keeping Savannah(3) and Skylar(2) from hurting themselves or destroying my house, preparing for Womens Bible study weekly, and all the other things moms do.
Thankful to be home!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Skylar's Song

Click the link to see Skylar chewing gum and singing.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sawyer Scoop March 2011

Greetings from the Sawyers. We are currently on the countdown of heading back to Kenya for our second term. We have less than 4 weeks left!!! We fly out of Atlanta on March 30th! We hope this newsletter finds you all doing well as well as gives you some information you may or may not know. Enjoy.
How can we help?
One of the number one questions we were asked this year while being on furlough and traveling all over the place was “What can we do to help?” It is always nice to hear people ask this. Most people grab their wallets tightly while asking this question because in the world we live in when people think of missions and missionaries they are used to being ask for something, usually money. I personally like being asked this because I want people feel like they are a part of the Gospel being spread in another country, and the question gives me the opportunity to educate in how that is possible. There are 3 things I have come to realize when it comes to missions. You either GO, SEND or you DISOBEY.

In our day and time we like to take Matthew 28:18-20 and give ourselves an excuse saying, that is only for missionaries. In fact however, it is for Christian’s period. If you call yourself a Christian you are to be making Disciples. When it comes to the going to the remotest parts of the earth as Acts 1:8 tells us that is where missionaries come in handy. Remember the church in Acts 13 Paul and Barnabas were set aside and the whole church did not up and go but sent them. They were as much a part of fulfilling the Great commission. It takes both the Goers and the Senders.

So here is my answer to “how can we help?” 1. Pray for us. Prayer is a huge part of our ministry in Kenya. I have no doubt that we have been kept from diseases and other certain dangers because of the people back home that pray for us. I also have no doubt that because of faithful people praying for the ministry we have been able to witness the Lord calling people to Himself. Be aware when asking us for prayer requests, we can keep you pretty busy.

2. Finacially. It takes people committed to giving on a monthly basis for us to be able to stay and do ministry and other projects overseas. We are not permitted to be employed to make money overseas, so we depend on the faithful people and churches who God has called to give faithfully every month. A couple interesting facts most people don’t know. It takes about the same amount of money monthly to feed our family as it does here in America, the only difference is it takes us a 12 hour round trip to get it. Gas is about $5-6 a gallon on average. $1 given to us each month is the same in U.S dollars for you, but changes based on how the shilling vs. dollar is doing. For example- Gas may cost us $5 a gallon one month and $7 a gallon the next, all while staying the same amount in shillings. Like cereal? When it is available a box of fruity pebbles can cost around $8 a box!!! Coffee lovers, like creamer? Flavored creamer is $10 for a small container. (Glad I don’t like coffee, but my wife loves it). Our mission does not financially support us; they have to raise their own support just as we do. Starting this year they had to start taking 5% of our funds. How to support the Sawyer’s Ministry. If by check: make check payable to Masters mission with note attached saying for Travis and Laura Sawyer. You can now donate by PayPal. Just go to our blog ( and click on donate online. There are several ways to donate.

3. Communication, Either by letter, email, Skype, chat or taking a plane trip to Kenya. When we are in the bush we always enjoy letters or emails. They just make you feel like you are still a part of people’s lives back home as well. There are days when we receive an email that no amount of money could replace. We have people that come visit us that I would not take a dollar amount to replace their visit. It is a huge encouragement to us when we hear from or see folks that come to visit us in Kenya.
I encourage all of you who are reading this newsletter to ask yourselves “How am I involved in Christ Command in Matthew 28?” not just my church but me as an individual as well.

It has been a good year for us. It has been forever long but seems to be leaving quickly now with less than 4 weeks left. We have traveled over 30,000 miles and slept in many different beds. Last night as we were back home at my Dads house, Savannah our 3 year old woke up in the middle of the night and Laura heard her in the kitchen saying “where am I?” The kids have been amazing this year, they are real troopers. They are excited to get back as well which thrills our souls. We don’t want to be the missionaries that drag our kids along because it is what the Lord has called us to do, but rather it is our whole family that is actively involved in the work.

We have been healthy all year which is a change for us. Seems we always have some weird something going on in Kenya, but we did not escape America without getting colds. I think at the moment my whole family has a nasty cough.
Please continue to pray for the work in Kenya. We ask that you would pray for the Lord to bring more souls to Himself. There is no greater thing in this world than to see people coming to their Lord and Savior for the first time.
We are also taking a 40 foot container back as we did the first time around. This time though we don’t have but a small percentage of stuff on it, the rest belongs to all of our other families in the Kenya field. I would ask that you keep them in your prayers as well. Pick a family and pray for them once a week. Here are their names: Hind’s, Richardson’s, Heidorn’s, Teasdale’s, Woodworth’s, Russell’s and Johnson’s. The last 2 families are on the same station with us so remember them especially as they have to put up with me all the time
We love you all and thank you for your continued support during these hard economic times as well as your prayers for myself and my family.
In Christ,
Travis, for the Sawyer clan

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some more pics of our road trip

We made it home today around 4:30 p.m after 10 States 42 hours in the car and 2200 miles. It was a great time with friends and family but it was also a very tiring trip. we are thankful to be home and have 3 days of rest until the next adventure. Here are some more pics from our trip.

Travis speaking at a church in PA.Nana bought a Kenya looking shirt just for the occasion!Anybody from the South ever heard of this stuff?? It was a new one to me. What are great uncles for right? Thanks Uncle Lou for the 2 pocket fulls of chocolates you stuffed into Savannah's pockets.If anyone knows Travis they would know this is a rare if not priceless picture. Notice what he holdeth in his hand. It must have been a long trip:)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our time in Pennsylvania

Nana trying to get Sarah to set on her lap. Our meal at Country fair restaurant with Nana, Aunt Louise and Uncle Stan.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Some of the stops along the way

Lake Michigan!!!


Friday, August 27, 2010

Proverbs 3:5-6

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight."

We headed out yesterday for our big trip up north. We were all packed and ready, juice boxes, granola bars, coloring books, blankets and 6 bags. Everything went so smoothly as we left out yesterday morning. We headed across 129 the Dragon, the road between NC and TN, something like 311 curves in 11 miles! The girls dread it because it makes them so sick. As we neared the end we told the girls that they had made it and that they would not have to go across it again on our trip! They were so excited! And then...about 2 hours into our trip we saw it...the oil leak! It wasn't just a small drip, it was a few fast drips. We hope to push through it and make it to our first stop, but as we were driving down 75N smoke started coming out the back really bad. At that point we pulled over and watched as oil was dripping ever so fast out on the side of the highway. Travis called it and said it would be better and safer for us to turn around and head back home so he could work on the van.
But that meant....we would have to cross the Dragon again! Thankfully the girls did so much better the second time around.
Today Travis is working on the van in hopes that it will be ready to push out again on Sunday so that we can at lest complete half of our planned trip up north.
Please continue to pray for us. We trust daily in Gods faithfulness and know that all things are in His almighty hands.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

We are home

We finally made it home. We have been home now for about 3 weeks and have been busy as ever. Lots of speaking, driving and of course eating! Our flight home was LONG!!! it was definitely an endurance test but the kids did well. Sarah at one point started sleep walking and tried to open the hatch door on the plane and while in London the escalator tried to eat Summer, other than that it was pretty much uneventful:) We arrived at Heathrow and it was sleeting outside. We had rented a room at a lodge right outside Heathrow and ended up walking 3 blocks in the cold rain. That was a shock to leave sunny and 85 to that. We are here now though and are enjoying seeing many of you and fellowshipping. If you want to get on the calender that is quickly filling up just let us know.

Friday, March 26, 2010


It is the final countdown for us leaving Kenya. We have been in Nairobi since Tuesday, finishing paperwork and different things. I will head back to Maasai Tomorrow (Saturday) to pack the truck in the shop as well as the tractor and everything else I can get inside. I will attend church Sunday for my last church service and then will ride back to Nairobi with the Johnson's after the service. We are growing more and more excited to get home and visit with everyone. We fly out Monday (29th) night at 11:00. Hopefully we will be landing in Atlanta around 7 p.m Tuesday night.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


As if my day was not awesome enough already. After lunch we went to the river to get another load of sand. As we were loading the sand I ask Macon if he had told his wife the good thing he had done. He said she was not at home for lunch, at this point the man who we were buying the sand from said " what good thing is he talking about?" So I told Paul to start and I would finish and after a little over an hour Tigis prayed to receive Christ as his Savior. Pray these men are serious and that they will stand firm and make a difference in the community.


This morning (Feb.25th )God did yet another amazing thing. We met for devotions at the church as normal and Macon (Pictured below) has not worked the last week because his little girl is sick. As he was leaving I asked him if he would want to work with me today, because we were getting sand and I could use another body. After getting sand all of us were in the truck and I asked Paul ( a younger Masai guy) if he would share Christ with Macon. he said yes and Bernard and I sat quietly up front as we drove back. After about 15 minutes I started in on some different issues regarding salvation. Macon said he was planning on coming up front Sunday at church. I went on to explain that today is Thursday and Sunday is 3 days away. I ask him if a bundle of money was laying in front of him, would he wait 3 days to get it? I explained Christ surpasses all riches and He is Here right now. Macon said he was ready to accept Christ in his heart. With tear filled eyes he bowed his head in the back seat of my truck and prayed to receive Christ. In the end I asked Macon why he has waited so long, after being around the mission for years. He said he was not wanting to just make a decision and walk away from it tomorrow. He said he is uneducated and wanted to learn more. He said he has been paying a lot more attention the past few months in church and now he understands he said. His one prayer request from me is to pray he can stand firm. I am also encouraging all of you fellow believers to pray this for him as well. He is the first man in our church to take this stand publicly. Sunday he will come up front and do it publicly. Bernard, Macon, Paul, and Me