Thursday, February 25, 2010


This morning (Feb.25th )God did yet another amazing thing. We met for devotions at the church as normal and Macon (Pictured below) has not worked the last week because his little girl is sick. As he was leaving I asked him if he would want to work with me today, because we were getting sand and I could use another body. After getting sand all of us were in the truck and I asked Paul ( a younger Masai guy) if he would share Christ with Macon. he said yes and Bernard and I sat quietly up front as we drove back. After about 15 minutes I started in on some different issues regarding salvation. Macon said he was planning on coming up front Sunday at church. I went on to explain that today is Thursday and Sunday is 3 days away. I ask him if a bundle of money was laying in front of him, would he wait 3 days to get it? I explained Christ surpasses all riches and He is Here right now. Macon said he was ready to accept Christ in his heart. With tear filled eyes he bowed his head in the back seat of my truck and prayed to receive Christ. In the end I asked Macon why he has waited so long, after being around the mission for years. He said he was not wanting to just make a decision and walk away from it tomorrow. He said he is uneducated and wanted to learn more. He said he has been paying a lot more attention the past few months in church and now he understands he said. His one prayer request from me is to pray he can stand firm. I am also encouraging all of you fellow believers to pray this for him as well. He is the first man in our church to take this stand publicly. Sunday he will come up front and do it publicly. Bernard, Macon, Paul, and Me


Larry said...

This is great news,this is what it's all about and this is really encouraging to me to see the LORD still working,tell Macon i'll be praying for him and his family.
Love you guys and the hard work you're doing

Pat and Kathi said...

WOW!!! Praise be God!! Please say hello to Macon and tell him Pat and I will be praying for him. What an encouragement for all of us to keep sharing the Gospel.
Love you all- Kathi